Perhaps Love

Yes, as Denver so well stated:

Jay at age 3 1/2.
Jay at age 3 1/2.

Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict, full of pain
Like a fire when it’s cold outside
Or thunder when it rains
If I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you

Soothing, true words.  Love is what motivates us, touches our hearts and sustains us.  If not for love….

Love is helping. We all help our families and friends.  We cry when they are weak, confused or ill.  We comfort them when they’re sad and in need.  We cry when they’re gone.

Love is giving.  Some people give to the United Way, the Salvation Army, local causes, or organizations that do good things for a broad range of people.  And that is good. But have you ever given to a total stranger?

Do you have heart enough to give to that homeless guy on the corner?  To a family too proud to ask for help? To an elderly person who feels that everyone they have loved and cared about have already passed on? Or to a troubled child whose needs are beyond money and things?

I have a friend.  His name is Jay Briggs, age 47, sufferer of pulmonary fibrosis .  He’s a Facebook friend… and has been a true, solid, quirky, silly, irreverently delightful FRIEND. I’ve never met Jay in the flesh, but I feel I know him because of our many conversations and messages back and forth.  And I feel his goodness, his mettle as a human being.1090893_4340587610545_465260563676718077_o

He worked hard all his life. His solid work ethic began at age 14 with a newspaper route. Followed by constant employment,  holding such jobs as janitor, mechanic, tow operator and school bus driver (for nearly 20 years),  He was the dutiful son when his mother became ill with cancer, and stayed by her side during the worst of the pain and suffering.  All of this without a home health care system.

Jay states “As most everyone knows about me, I’m sometimes quiet, sometimes animated.  I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to help others. I Love to Laugh! And I can remember some really good jokes. But Life is often funnier. I wish I had the patience to sit and write about funny things that happen in life, and my take on any particular situation. Someday.”

His political views make me grin.  He cites: “Marxist, leaning more toward Groucho”11134115_10205789605033063_6676469698940435679_o

This is one cool guy.  My heart is heavy knowing what this wonderful person is facing.  Jay’s roommate, his ever-loyal friend, is there for Jay’s many needs. And there are many needs. He is asking via a national blog, GoFundMe for a donation, if you find it in your heart.

In his post, he says: “Being very ill is demeaning enough w/out the demoralizing waiting and begging. I have always been a very hard worker ever since I was 14 w/ a paper route. Asking for help is not a thing I take lightly. I humbly thank everyone for the generosity and even taking time to just read this and send a prayer.”


Jay’s looking at upcoming funeral costs too.  Who does that?  Who really worries about what it will cost loved ones left behind to plan a respectable funeral and service?  This is the kind of guy I’m talking about.  Jay never complains, but I gather that he is overwhelmed by the financial burdens that accumulated at the time of his Mom’s sickness and all the doctor bills from his Mom and several cousins he took upon himself to care for. He is sadly worried that he has yet to get a headstone for his Mom’s grave site. One that matches his Dads, he says… nothing elaborate.

He’s my friend.  Yes, he would drop anything to help me if I asked.  And guess what?  He’d even drop everything for you (even not knowing you) if you asked…  So I’m asking you for my friend Jay R. Briggs… I’m asking you if you would please read his request in GoFundMe.  Could you donate even a dollar? Any amount you could donate would be so amazingly appreciated. Please help me help my friend.

His GoFundMe post is here.  I think you’ll understand…


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