Squeaky Wheels

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

When I started this blog, my purpose was to simply enumerate the successes, failures and events of a creative existence. I had planned to keep it light, funny and maybe just a bit irreverent. By nature, I am not a “pot stirrer”.

But, as a teacher friend gently urged “Enquiring minds want to know.”

As if I have answers.

I only have questions. Questions, that when strung together in logical sequence– reveal the glaringly obvious…

If you have already read my previous post: Life, Art and Inequities, you’re aware of a a recent situation involving a team of three teachers — Art, Music and PE, aka “AMP”, aka MY team– being abruptly moved from their existing school to another. They were not consulted in the making of this decision… rather, they received an unceremonious email with orders to pack and move from a school in which they’d invested so much of themselves.  They leave behind moneys earned, supplies, musical instruments and PE equipment they’d worked hard to obtain for their students. The new teachers for this school settle into a cushy spot… with nice classrooms, thousands of dollars earned by the former AMP team, and supplies and equipment yet unused… by the teachers who earned them. Mrs. Arty would have had the $5,000 she worked hard to earn for School A to spend on her students… if  not for this inane relocation process.

What I didn’t mention in the “Indignities” post is that the school that the AMP team was exported to (“NewSchool X”) is one that both Mrs. Arty and Mr. Music will be stepping into to a “no-classroom” situation.  “Art on a Cart”. It exists at this one–and only one–school in a system where many facilities have already been closed because of low student enrollments across the county.  In fact, the local buzz is that NewSchool X may be next in line to get the axe.  It’s an older school that serves a significantly lower income part of the county, with teachers who face significantly more difficult challenges, hurdles; yet many rewards.

So how is it that a school system that is planning more shutdowns–citing empty classrooms as reason–has even one school that is incapable of providing a teacher’s basic need for a classroom?  These Art on a Cart Teachers now look at suffering the inconvenience, and yes, indignity, of  rolling their “classrooms” around on wheeled carts.

And how is it–that 3 teachers managed to land in the Promised Land  (School A) territory?

Squeaky wheels.

I didn’t realize anyone even read my blog.  Until lately.  I’ve had several Facebook messages, a few pulled-to-the-side encounters with fellow teachers who express their shock, their sympathy at the situation.  A few of them even apologize… For whatever force caused this to happen.. I tell them thanks, but it’s not their fault.  The apologies should come from the source (sources?) responsible for this fiasco.: the smug, happy little group… who now have the positions that my AMP team worked hard to achieve.

A politics of convenience.  Screw someone to get where you want to be.  Never mind that the group you screw were a well-functioning group who earned what they did for the school they served.

I found out…

I recently learned that a friend ( who I’d trusted until just recently) — a member of another AMP team went to our supervisor….  to request a change to MY school which was more “stable”, and not on the chopping block to be closed.  Like their team was more worthy for some reason…. What a joke. I’d been wondering why she had been so very nice to me lately… sending me “have a happy first day back” messages, etc. So call me enlightened.  I see that those “squeaky hinge” employees are the ones that the school system pays homage to. Those of us in the ranks doing our jobs suffer the outcome. That my team was not even consulted… just dealt the final blow was such an act of disrespect that I’m still reeling from the indignity.

I suppose I’ll get over this crap. But, although I am not a vengeful person… I’m certainly not a forgetful one… I’ll keep this one in my back pocket…

I always make the best of my current situation. And I will thrive and survive.  But I will never, ever, ever forget who has shit on me… and I welcome the opportunity to observe Karma in action.

It’s a bitch. Fear the backlash.


6 thoughts on “Squeaky Wheels

  1. Watch out for those “sweet backstabbers”. They will get you every time. Love and prayers to you. Keep up the blogs. I live through you bad or good. You should write a book not a blog. And guess who I think should illustrate the cover😂😂😂😘. Biggest fan. ME

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