Weekend Project by the Queen of Chaos

A chronic mess-maker. That’s me.  Chaos creator to the extreme. My husband would tell you that there’s not a neat bone in my body.  I say: “It takes making a mess to make something wonderful.” (I don’t really buy into this philosophy… but it’s my cover)

Ugh.  I’m painting again.  Rooms, not art.  Why?  Damned if I know.

Because Lowes has paint?  (yes) – Because I love painting? (no) – Because I like change? (yes) – Because Pinterest says I MUST? (oh my god, yes yes and yes!)

Mainly I’m painting because it makes me feel powerful.  In control.  Well hello there bright blue room!  I am sick of you.  In my best “Billy Jack” impersonation I say to the stubborn four walls: In about 48 hours, you are going to be a subtle periwinkle/gray/violet… and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

It’s a sickness, really.  I’ve repainted/redesigned 2 bathrooms lately.

         IMG_1232                       IMG_9692

The downstairs bathroom, AFTER pic. Wish I had taken a BEFORE…

Downstairs Bathroom

Thought I had gotten it out of my system.  And this summer I totally gutted the Junk Room From Hell… IMG_1162 IMG_1159 (1) IMG_1161 (1)

The place you had to do a marching band-like high-step maneuver to even reach the light switch. Looked great.  All organized, not a misplaced paper clip in sight. These are pictures of the finished cleanup.  But you know me… that nagging voice told me to make it better… and wouldn’t it look great in a pale lavender/gray?  Oh my!

It’s all about change.

IMG_2241 IMG_8756

I even paint the tables in my art room.  IMG_1684

I can control my environment.  Manipulate, design, enhance… if only I could do that in real life.  I am Queen of the Universe (or Queen of Chaos?)

Either way, I paint. I am a game-changer. I am powerful!


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