Homage to Art Friends! XOXO

I so totally love my art teacher friends.  So here’s a short post to pay homage to their amazing talents… I’m so happy to have such talented friends…

Here’s Michelle’s blog. Michelle is beautiful, sporty and has the fastest-growing head of hair of anyone I’ve ever known.  She’s a hell of an art teacher …and I love her blog:


Rebekah is also beautiful.  Dark hair, dark eyes, and always mischievous dimpled smiles. She has fashion savvy a-plenty, and a true heart of gold.  It’s my honor to be her friend… her blog:


Now Nikki, the mercurial, lovely muse of technology and creator of cool comic books!  She’s delightful, fun, and a true kindred spirit…

here’s  her totally fun, quirky toy review youtube vlog (with her husband Derek)

My dear muse, mentor and delightfully wonderful friend Tracey Smith has a blog that I have followed from its inception:


I think I will now kick back and congratulate ME on having the inordinately good luck to have such incredible art friends in my life….

Thank you, ladies, for always being there for me.  I celebrate your talents!


2 thoughts on “Homage to Art Friends! XOXO

  1. Love you, Dottie! You never cease to amaze me with your passion for creativity and your amazing works of fiber art. The kids see that passion in you too and that’s why they love you so!

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