Summer Ends

I love Summer.  But I also hate that bitch.  She’s here, she’s fun, flirty, drinks a bit too much, and dammit!  She’s gone before you know it, without so much as a “Thank you, Ma’am!” That little bitch rolls out of here tomorrow morning, around 8:00 a.m. And you know where I will be then?  Among the other ranks of reluctant educators who heed the call to their first professional day back to the grind.IMG_0422

Summer was especially lovely this time around. Our yearly vacation to Nags Head NC was uniquely wonderful.  Two weeks in paradise is never enough!  Time spent here is precious and the minutes pass with head-spinning rapidity. I always cry when we cross the causeway into Manteo on the way back home…

Summer ignited a fire in me that kept me on my toes and busy nearly each waking moment of each day. I was so productive!  I totally re-did the upstairs bathroom–changing the awful orange and orange and rust color palate to a soothing and lovely pale lavender, dusky violet, celery green and white. A spa-like feel!

My lovely assistant and sweet daughter, Abby helps prime those awful countertops for painting. You can see how the existing orange/rust color scheme.
Me and my helper Abby.
Me and my helper Abby.
The finished product! What a soothing change from the oranges.
The finished product! What a soothing change from the oranges.

Pinterest inspired me to paint the countertops!  I was doubtful, but the deep violet paint with a sealer looks shit-hot!

My thrifting excursions sent me looking for a great little shelf.   I found this for 75 cents.  It was in pretty good shape to begin with, so I painted and distressed with chalk paint, as I did my cabinet door fronts. ( I am currently working on our downstairs bathroom.  About one day away from making pictures…)

Here's the shelf found at a local thrift store for 75 cents. I painted then distressed with chalk paint.
Here’s the shelf found at a local thrift store for 75 cents. I

Then I cleaned out that dreaded junk room that has threatened to bust wide open if I tossed in just one more item I couldn’t bear to throw away.  You know the kind.  Your baby moves out… You don’t want to dump all of your grown child’s things out immediately, so you add to it… a little here, more there, until it becomes a minefield of STUFF that you have to high-step just to go in it.  Well, that room is now usable again, and although re-painting is on the “to do” list, that room is clean from stem to stern!  Well I’m using this now as my “Art Room” and it’s a sweet little place to contemplate and bemoan Summer’s passing.  IMG_1162

That’s not all.  I was asked by a best-selling author; Kitty Margo to do the artwork for the cover of her next novel.  She is currently a recognized top author for historical fiction.  Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.41.21 AMThis new novel named Bedpans, Teapots and Corpses, is her break-out Cozy Mystery.  She was happy with my artwork, and has asked me to do the next few covers of what she is calling the “Maggie and Irene” series.  I’m so delighted to be a small part of this very talented author’s series!

Normally I do not read mysteries, but this book was surprisingly delightful. A great plot with lots of sassy “red hatter” action … even a quirky ghost that you will love. At some points I sincerely laughed out loud! Even shed a tear here and there. I feel that I know Maggie and Irene personally now for some reason.  And that idea makes me smile. Way to go, Kitty Margo !

So I say a fond farewell to my lovely Summer friend. I’ll miss her so much. Especially when the skies are dark and gray — and days are shorter, colder and so harsh.  Meanwhile, the memories will sustain me, and I’ll count the days until Summer graces us with her presence once again.


5 thoughts on “Summer Ends

  1. Again cuz you amaze me with all your talents. Busy summer but you stay busy all year. Loved your blog. Love ya yes this is Becky

  2. Busy summer now gives way to an art-filled school year complete with creative little minds and paint covered fingers!

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